Daily News, Wed, Aug 28

Spartan races and ultramarathons are dumb.

D-bag triathlete showboats at the finish and almost loses the race.

Dom’s essay on the essence of being one with nature.

A guide to common running terms. There seem to be quite a few glaring omissions common to the MUT crowd.

“It’s nearly double the vert of the Pikes Peak Marathon I did six days ago, and anytime you start calling Pikes Peak a “warm up race”, you know you are in rarified air.”

Scott Dunlap’s report from a monster of a race in the Swiss Alps.

A nice piece on Roes’ inspiration. Sounds like a tough dude. Who’s yours?

No Ultra Content, but I really want to go to Slovenia and ride a scooter down this mountain.

Five trail running safety tips. Hate to say it, I don’t do any of those.

Here’s Gary Robbins’ take on UTMB and here’s Solar Weasel’s.

Fifteen best 80s songs for your running playlist.

Marathon ends in confusion and controversy.Not to self: Never run a race with that guy as RD. However, this quote from the (honest) winner is my favorite: “I hope I’m not disqualified. Either way, the Russian River Brewery is open at 12 and I’ll be there.”

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