Daily News, Wed, Aug 3

Interesting: How mental toughness gives athletes the edge. Is there a greater factor in this sport thanĀ “the plough factor?” I can’t think of one.

Dax has had one rad summer, and very little of it has to do with running.

List of the best runners of the world. List is pretty good, though it’s missing Yiannis Kouros, and #10 may be influential, but she’s hardly part of “the best” if we’re talking hard results.

Here’s what Ryan Sandes will be running with in Madagascar’s Racing the Planet.

Gavin McKenzie, Brandon Stapanowich and Brandon Worthington became the 8th, 9th, and 10th runners to complete Nolan’s 14 in under 60 hours. Gavin and Brandon S snagged a 56:19 (good enough for 2nd fastest ever), and Brandon W coming in a few hours later. Nice job guys! Anyone have contact info???

Nine things to know before you marry a runner. Marry one of us, and you can add a whole list of other issues…that balance well with all the positives, thank you.

Five takeaways from UTMB.

Good stuff: Nickademus‘ guide to trail running in the Alps.

How many people have had a hundred mile week?

Fall is coming and cyclocross bikes are about to get more expensive. (no link, just a thought…)

World’s best hikes: Twenty dream trails.

How to snag the Mt Whitney FKT.

I don’t care if ya smoke pot, but the idea of an organized “hash hike” on a 14er doesn’t sit well with me.


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