Daily News, Wed, Dec 10

Skurka takes geek to a new level with his analysis of the TNF field. Awesome!

Ian’s year in review. Pretty Euro-centric, and no mention of Lake Sonoma?

Tour de France might have GoPros on bikes this year.  Any interest in watching MUT elites with cameras? Maybe for a 50k?

Ah, when a mountain runner like Gretchen hits the pavement for 26.2 miles, it hurts to read the report. “You know it’s bad when you look down at your watch to see how far you have to go and realize you haven’t even gone a tenth of a mile since the last time you looked.”

Jeff’s got a great recap of TNF with some video caps that show each aid station. (I was with Jeff, Billy, and Chris all day and had a blast.)

Gift idea: The ultimate hipster, bearded ultrarunner, beer drinker multi-tool.

Ghelfi revisits the team scoring idea with the American Ultrarunning League. What do you think?  I think a track, road, or timed event would be great to add to the mix. (fixed)

Eight hot running shoe trends for 2015.

Here’s Sage’s Strava data from Saturday. Quick analysis: Constant effort on uphills and letting it fly on the descents.

Good interview with Max King right this way.

This poor dude was out for a trail run with his dog and winds up with buckshot in his neck.  Hunters have to be more careful and runners have to be aware of hunting seasons.

Comprehensive cold-weather running glove comparison. 

Great story of a guy born and raised in an isolated Chinese fishing village who’s now running ultras all over the world.

Pretty funny running dialogue about meeting a stranger for a trail run.

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