Daily News, Wed, Dec 11

Quickie with Chris Vargo.

The boys over at Ultra168 go in depth to discuss race nutrition. For another take on the subject, check out one of our most downloaded podcasts ever right here.

Good stuff: The rise of American ultrarunning speed.

Oh, dear.

Oh, poop.

Wow, what an awesome looking trail! Anyone ever been to that point?

Here’s my DIY and WTF on pulling a tire.

NUC: Awesome road bike skills.

Seven ways to make non-runners like you (or at least not hate you.)

In most cases ultrarunning isn’t really about who can run the fastest, but instead who can avoid running the slowest.

–Geoff Roes is coming back! 

Lessons learned from canceling the Dallas Marathon because of cold weather. Whatever.

Smart shoes are on their way.

I’m living vicariously through this guy for awhile.


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