Daily News, Wed, Dec 17

Mario writes a great piece about questioning and doubting yourself mid-race…and eventually enduring.

This quadrathlon in New Mexico sounds awesome. Bike, run, XC ski, snowshoe for 42 miles. Anyone doing it?

This is news?

While Jill prepares for some epic adventures, she wipes out on her home turf. Sounds familiar.

I’m almost forty but I don’t feel anywhere past thirty, which is apparently good.

Here’s Billy’s film from The North Face. Did you see the video chat last night?

And here’s another great video from the race. Awesome!

Interesting stat from letsrun:

19.4% – percentage of Foot Locker (HS) boys’ (XC) champions that have gone on to the Olympics.
3.2% –  percentage of Foot Locker girls’ champions that have gone on to the Olympics.

It looks like the UTMB registration is starting soon, though the details are a bit foggy for me. I think I’d also have a hard time signing an agreement to “scrupulously respect and support the ethic.” What does that mean?

Rules to follow when selecting non-running shoes. You mean sandals?

There’s something very mesmerizing about watching the lights on The Oatmeal’s Greenlake Fun Run video.

Ibuprofen and “colonic seepage.”

Great post: Roes writes about the different types of competitors. 

Why the Russian doping scandal matters, and why it’s important to stay clear of conflicts of interest.  Many people discount this as roadie nonsense, but with the road/trail crossover taking place currently, how would you feel if a “positive” marathoner started competing in MUT events?

I need to bookmark this page. In case my long lost aunt Edna passes away and leaves me a fortune, I’ll reference this list to choose my next big outing. Iceland, Scotland, Sweden, the JMT…

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