Daily News, Wed, Dec 18

Really awesome video of TheNorthFace champs by our friend Ethan (GingerRunner.) Can he edit all of our videos please?

Three essential ingredients to running really far.

Report from a traditional Raramuri race.

Dang, something about trail running women’s ability to write poignant and moving pieces about their relationships with their dogs...Here’s Sarah’s latest post about love and loss and here’s Meghan’s from earlier this year.  Grab a tissue.

Ian Sharman’s advice for planning and running the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. My only addition? Don’t pay the committee a dime.

Good interview with USATF XC champ Joe Gray.

URP hero Frank Bozanich was inducted into the Ultrarunning Hall of Fame yesterday.  Here’s a good bio on his running and here’s our podcast with him.  Frank has strong opinions, decades of experience, and he’s more than willing to share both.

Fun race report  from Australia’s Coast 2 Kosciuszko.

2013: A year in review.

For you science folks, here’s a great interview with the Science of Sport guy on endurance physiology.

Great (and cheap!) gift idea for that runner in your life.

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