Daily News, Wed, Dec 4

 ‘Twas the night before the lottery…

Six tips to transition from road running to a 10k trail run.

America’s ten best brewery visits.  Ahem, Lagunitas.

One of my bucket list races–Gorge Waterfalls–has on open lottery right now. Must. Resist. The. Urge.

And there are a bunch of sweet events open right here as well.

ESPN covers Mike Morton. Here’s our interview with him.

Here are ten things I want my daughter to know about working out.

Sage’s pre-TNFEC thoughts.

So what do you get a gifted athlete for Christmas?

…or maybe one of these.  Be sure to read the reviews.  Thanks Melissa!

Here are the fifty best running stores in the US.

Well this just got interesting, didn’t it? Lance is going head to head in an unsanctioned race against top triathlete Chris McCormack.

I’m shocked (shocked!) that chugging energy drinks alters a persons heart function.

Mr. Roes: It’s a great time to be a runner.

The footstrike debate continues.

…and while we’re at it…the clown shoe that’s changing minimalist running.

How to be a running poseur. Seems more targeted at the roadie crowd, but still funny.

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