Daily News, Wed, Feb 11

Read this: What trail runners need to know about tics and Lyme disease.

Is there anyone with a more diverse 2015 racing schedule than Max King?

Kelsie does a good job of explaining why she runs. Seems we all share many of those sentiments.

Three HRM mistakes everyone makes.  Nope. If you don’t have one, you’re not making any of them.

Another reason I think Mammoth Lakes will be the next MUT hub. The place seems perfect for elite training: Altitude, trails, elite-level facilities, great breweries, accommodations for athletes…all within a few hours of the big west coast races.

I chat with Victor from ultrasportslive.tv after Sean O’Brien right here.

Esquire is not a fan of the shorts.

I thought it was silly when it started a few years ago, but the Skydive Ultra seems to be working.

Need a little inspiration for the day? Read this.

If you’re on the wait list for Angeles Crest 100 or Lake Sonoma, a spot just opened up in each. I’ll explain more in today’s podcast.

While you weren’t looking, The North Face added Seth Swanson to their team. Wow. Seth, Dylan, Hal, Tim, Mike, Rob, Jez, Mike…That’s depth.

Last chance for a Western States entry is this weekend at Black Canyon 100k. Here are some predictions, and here’s Ryan Ghelfi’s take on the race.

Every time I think an MUT governing body might be a good idea, something like this comes up and I realize we don’t need the bulls#*t.

Pop quizzes sucked, but pop contests don’t!  If you’ve visited the donation aid station in the past month AND live in a place that’s freezing, you’ll be eligible to win a sweet NorthFace jacket (mens large, but do with it whatycha want.)  I’ll pull a name this evening at 5pm PST.  Thanks again to everyone who’ve helped keep the site going. I truly appreciate it.


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