Daily News, Wed, Feb 12

The top five trails in the Canadian Rockies.

…and North America’s ten most memorable hikes trails.

Chronicles of an endurance athlete’s wife…part three.liz lemon

On my list for this spring: The Arnold Rim Trail.

I thought Laz was joking about this, but I guess he’s going through with it: The Barkley Fall Classic. 

Kilian snagged the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award.

Another great post from the guys at Ultra168: What type of runner are you? Passionate or disciplined?

Here’s Ian Corlss’ complete photo gallery from The Coastal Challenge. Beautiful!

Because we all know minimalism ain’t cheap: How to run on a budget.

Why vitamins may be bad for your workout.

Pliny fans: There’ll be a cool URP contest/giveaway later today. Stay tuned.

Great analysis of MUT running by Geoff Roes.

That’s one tough musher.

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