Daily News, Wed, Feb 13

Trail Runner Mag is looking for an intern. Sounds great, but I’m guessing the job doesn’t entail running all day.

NUC: Why coffee doesn’t go in your butt.

Didya see our new sneak peak review of the Ultimate Direction SJ Essentials pack? You’ll only see it on URP.

Photo by Andy Bennett.

More on the health risks of supplements.

White House to honor Billy Mills. I can watch that video a thousand times and I still get excited.

NUC: Heart Attack Grill spokesman dies of…wait for it…a heart attack.

That pic right there is of listener Joey Cassidy running on the coastal Santa Lucia Mountain Range in Big Sur. Sorry New England, we’ve got sun!¬†If you’ve got a great shot, send it my way! Thanks.

Could winter be the new summer for Aussie ultras? (wait, lemme figure this out. OK, if it’s winter here, that means it’s summer there, but they’re saying that wait…what? I’m confused.)

OK, sorry, hate to be an elitist, but no. That doesn’t count.

Bad News: Our URP beer koozies are all gone. Sold out until Spring/Summer when we order more.

The Angry Jogger discusses eight negative aspects of jogging that we all face from time to time. I’m thinking an MUT version might have to be in the works…

This new Mountain Dew product sounds like it might find a home at aid stations.

The persistent myth of running and arthritis. The  Sweat Science Guy is on the case!

NUC, but a cool video preview of a NorthFace movie about Antarctica coming out later this year.

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