Daily News, Wed, Feb 18

How to use sponsorships effectively, and how to use them obnoxiously.

DNF report from the Pixie Ninja. Must be pretty helpful to run with another PT and be able to diagnose each other’s ailments mid-race!

And a report from winner Caroline Boller. She’s so new to the sport and is going to be awesome to watch.

And finally, Black Canyon’s 18yo champ Ford Smith writes about his young (but long) love of ultrarunning here.  Ford also just signed up for The Canyons 100k. Should be an awesome race!

All I’m doing is posting this, but I’ll still get plenty of mail from cyclists accusing me of hating them. Please just read it.

Cool: Two Oceans will have an ultra trail race this year.  Meh: The “ultra” is 45k.

MensHealth covers the crocheted shorts rage and somehow I get mentioned.

I like this guy: Andrew Skurka’s 2015 calendar and considerations.

Nick Symonds will compete on my favorite TV show, American Ninja Warrior. Paging Max King, paging Max King…

How clear do you think when you’re running? Great post.

…and the science behind it is interesting.

Alright, aside from awesome trails and dedicated volunteers, this race appears to have a giant freakin waterslide at the end.

Easy tip for drying out your wet trail shoes. Two problems: We’re not getting any rain in California, and second, what’s a newspaper?

David Rushida has never taken a supplement in his life.

How does your menstrual cycle effect your training?

What’s Ryan Sandes up to these days?

I worked in restaurants for years, and can’t imagine finding the time do that and train on the trails. More power to this chef.

Will the next MUT mecca be Mammoth Lakes? I’m heading there this Spring for an extended weekend to find out.

Is crawling to the finish line heroic or stupid?

Please consider that his audience is different than URPs, then click this to see the results of the most popular trail shoes of 2014.

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