Daily News, Wed, Feb 19

The boys at Ultra168 take on an issue I’ve got pretty strong feelings about: Pacers. I think they missed two important aspects though. Permitting/Environmental issues, and what distance we’re talking about.

Here’s a good rundown of maximalist shoes on the market.

NUC: I may be one year away from the “masters runner” age bracket, but I still find skiers on toilets to be pretty funny.

Exotic destination races on the rise. What’s the farthest you’ve traveled?

Some quick and easy tips for managing your runners appetite.

One of my favorite running thinkers takes on the issue of PEDs and how we see them. Interesting as always.

Good analysis of the best milers in US history.

We must be the smartest group in the world.

I haven’t been to the movies in years, but I’ll make an effort to see Unbroken.

And some more funny whatisultra GIFs.

Alright, this may be the coolest camping trailer ever.

Now that’s a neat route to map out. Mountain to Mall. ┬áRunning 180k from the countryside, through the bush trails, into the suburban trails, and finishing at an urban mall in Australia.

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