Daily News Wed, Feb 20

A very frank discussion on drugs and running.

…and what does Frank Shorter think of PEDs, bio passports, and testing.

Photo by Max King
Photo by Max King

Max King’s awesome race report from El Cruce Columbia.

If you could, spare a few minutes and take this quick survey on ultra/trail running. An ultrarunning sociologist (and listener) is trying to determine what’s wrong (or right?) with us.

Not happy with your results? Blame your genes.

North America’s first ever trail running conference is coming this June. Interested to see what type of participation it gets.

More on the low carb/high fat diet from the brainy Science of Sport guys.

The good people at SKORA remind us to set daily and weekly goals.

Tapping the power of cold to lose weight. Nooooo thanks.

As a former Angeleno and an avid outdoor guy, even I wouldn’t recommend bike commuting in LA.

Jacob Puzey’s great race report from Hagg Lake 50k.

Alright, with all this Oscar nonsense going on, this is a fantastic story to read. Who’s chopping onions in here???

Margaretha reminds us to pay attention on the trails.

A detailed day in the life of the Angry Jogger. OK, I feel normal again.

Once again, science recommends beer post-workout.

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