Daily News, Wed, Feb 25

Need some awesome inspiration to get out and do something right now? Read this now.

A very cool and funny recap of the Arrowhead 135 from a spectator’s perspective.

Wait, wait, wait, what? The lead vehicle takes the top three runners off course, but the RD blames the runners for not knowing the course?

Interesting article about what Frosty’s been up to.

Nothing’s going to change overnight, but this series is attempting to stave off PEDs at its marathons: No convicted dopers allowed to win money; $500k paid out over 5 years; and additional out-of-competition testing for elite entrants.

The comment bubbles (to the left of each paragraph) should now only appear on Daily News pages. Thanks Lucas!

What we really talk about when we talk about running: How to make yourself poop.

Read some mags, and “what you should take with you” on a trail run turns into a 3 page list.  Hugo gets the essentials right in this video.

Brandon makes a pretty good case for why some CrossFit workouts are great for the MUT runner.  

Would this make a treadmill more tolerable? Do it in a group, a la Spinning?

They look like a perfectly well-adjusted retired couple, except that starting this weekend, he’s riding–and she’s running–1,000 miles across sub-freezing temperatures in Alaska.

If you live anywhere near Asheville and you don’t do at least one of these races, I don’t want to be your friend.

No, Anton’s Ghost was not really Anton, but now he’s on the twitter.

It felt weird sitting here in 70 degrees, editing and formatting a review for trailrunning crampons.

This writer has a serious crush on Mr. Roes. (And I have no idea who those other sports people mentioned are. At all.)

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