Daily News, Wed, Feb 26

Can you spot the runner?
Can you spot the runner?

We run a lot of these trails already, but I’ve got a feeling they’ll be a lot busier after this discovery.

How an iPad and a 3D printer are going to fix your plantar fasciitis. h/t to Stuart.

Who knew there was a trail running scene in Nepal? They’re in need of financial help and this seems like a pretty good cause.

Meanwhile, the UAE is hosting its first ultra this weekend.

Didya see our latest review of the Pearl Izumi Trail N2?

Zach Bitter’s diet regimen (and understanding of it all) is a key to his success.

SIghtseeing + Running  apparently equals sightrunnning.

Read this: The art of pacing.

Pre-event meals for different Olympic sports.

Ultrarunning 101 with Geoff and Bryon.

Some funny new whatisultra GIFs.

NUC: If you’ll be watching the BladeRunner murder trial, you can also place bets on the verdict. Oy.

Didya read our latest 5Qs with Cory Reese on his first sub 24 hundred miler?

Shoes in the post Five Fingers boom.

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