Daily News, Wed, Feb 27

Five exercises that’ll make you faster.

Here’s a follow up to the Mo Farah interview from yesterday.

Inside Trail Photography
Inside Trail Photography

Has the marathon boom peaked? What about mud runs? When will ultras slow down?

BS: 101 “Epic moments” in sports photography. Four of them are running related. No Jesse Owens. No Yiannis. No Jurek. But yeah, there’s a few pictures of horses and a bunch of pictures of guys spraying champagne on each other.

What’s your ITI? by Geoff Roes.

Zap your brain to run faster.

Andrew Skurka scared the sh!t out of a grizzly bear.

This dude tore his Achilles midway through a 160 mile race, battled dehydration and sandstorms, and still finished.




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