Daily News, Wed, Feb 4

Interesting interview with Canadian ultra-stud Dave Proctor.  If ya gotta poop, ya gotta poop, eh.

I run on the treadmill at 3am in the garage and am worried my neighbors hear me.  This probably wouldn’t help, but it’s freaking awesome.

So the “too much jogging is as bad as no exercise at all” article is garnering quite the response from people who use and understand data.

Hugo takes us along for a run in Boulder.

What were the top road shoes of 2014? Here ya go.

And a great video from Kilian and Emelie’s Tromso Skyrace. Wow!

Of all the training camps, I’d probably choose this one.  Rob’s running and advice and Christina’s cooking? Sign me up.

Class move, Lance. Let the girlfriend take the blame.

Will people please stop saying there are no PEDs in ultras? Here. Proof.

And…the kids in Russia are doping.

Ha! I hope this is just the start to the list: When ultra runners go too far.

Article on Ed “The Jester” Ettinghausen. Here’s our interview with him.

I don’t know if The Ginger Runner is married, but if not, I’d introduce him to this running comedienne.

Detailed report from Rocky Raccoon that shows you don’t have to run 100mpw to be successful in a hundred.  He maxed out at 50.

And Ian’s report from the race (complete with Strava data.) He won, again, in what he describes as “probably the best race of my life.”

The excuse drawer was empty, so basically, time to put it in diesel mode.

–And last but certainly not least, Scott Dunlap’s report–and great pics–from the race.

Can’t think of a better place for USATF XC Championships than Bend. I’ll be there, screaming from the sidelines.

Our latest “five questions” with Brian Burns.  I gotta believe that running a marathon PR of 3:00:00 (yeah, exactly) gives you motivation to find that those extra few seconds.


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