Daily News, Wed, Feb 5

Big thanks to my two guest editors while I was away on vacation. I really needed that.

The British guy who was dressed as the Flash who got mugged while running unsupported across Canada? Yeah, he’s done.

Check out this video of a Himalayan traverse. Running, hiking, experiencing the culture, food, and people looks like a truly epic adventure.

When life should be more like ultra running. Salty language, but funny and worth it!

Looks like New Balance is getting into the max cushion game.

Probably one of the more common sore spots on an endurance runner: Lower back pain.

Check out these great pics from a 50 miler through the slot canyons of Arizona.

Rian Rharman’s Rocky Raccoon 100 race report.

OK, I’m intrigued by this Nike trail shoe. Have you tried it?

Ann Trason is back in the race directing business. I’ll be there.

Here’s an off-road camera with live-streaming capabilities.  I’m not up on tech…do the GoPros do this?

Will women ever beat men in 24 hour races?

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