Daily News, Wed, Feb 6

Awesome timelapse video of an aid station at Rocky Raccoon 100.

Well, I guess Team Pearl Izumi is not dead. Not sure what they are though.

Snowshoe running.
Snowshoe running.

Here’s my intro to snowshoe running and a review of the Dion121.  Needless to say, I had a blast!

Here’s a cool 30 min video of Iker Carrera running from Chamonix to Zermatt in 24 hours. It’s in Spanish, but the views are universal.

Two great exercises to improve running hip mobility.

How to get back 100% after your big race.

Dakota Jones discusses food.

Timmy Olson’s short Bandera race report.

Twelve mistakes (even experienced) runners make.

Great video: One day in Yosemite.

Max King is heading down to Chile to take part in this race. The translation is bizarre, especially the part about the race underwear—through no fault of the organization.  Huh?

Here’s a sneaky tempo run workout, by Greg McMillan.

Here’s a great interview with Anton. Climbing, FKTs, and the state of the sport are all discussed.

The Angry Jogger categorizes the ten different types of runners he usually sees on the road.

Hmmm, I understand this City’s desire to ban cyclists from zipping through their shoulderless roads, but the Court saw it another way. Colorado is a weird place.

Aussie Olympian is gunning for the 100k Australian record. Here’s his interview. By the way, do ya know what the 100k world record is (set in 1998?)

Speaking of Oz, why does Richard Bowles run?

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