Daily News, Wed, Jan 14

I’m loving these little posts from Mario.

Speedgoat Karl and Joe Grant talk with Ian about the Coastal Challenge, which sounds like an incredible race.  It seems that each year there are a few really top guys, but they’re never there at the same time. Is that a fair assessment?

How to avoid weight gain when your volume picks up. 

Quick scan of UTMB entrants includes: Jeff Browning, Sage Canaday, Jamil Coury, Ryan Ghelfi, Michele Graglia, Jorge Maravilla, Sean Meissner, Dominic Grossman, Dave Mackey, Stephanie Howe (and hubby Zach Violett), and Amy Sproston.

And CCC will see these folks toe the line: Dylan Bowman, Tim Tollefson, Sandi Nypaver, Alicia Shay, Chris Vargo, and Alex Varner.

Looks like the Dawn Wall guys may finish today.

When you grow up in the Himalayas, you’ve got a pretty good start for MUT success. 

Great interview with Beer Mile WR holder James Nielsen.

It’s over two years old, but needs to be read again: Keep it simple.

Nothing at all against the writer, but that first sentence is the very reason I could/would never have a coach.

If you’re a sensitive cross fitter, don’t read this.

If you’re in the midwest, don’t click this, and if you’re in California, try to resist the urge to get in your car right now to drive to Big Sur.  Leor’s latest adventure right this way.

Looking for a new job? This may be the best one in the world.

Very interesting outcome to Annette’s running issues.

How does your perception of your performance affect your happiness as a runner?

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