Daily News, Wed, Jan 15

Jimmy Dean Freeman learned a lot of good lessons on this trail run. Definitely check it out. We interviewed him a few years ago in the parking lot at WS100. Here it is.

Check out this great preview video for the SkyRunning event in Flagstaff in October.

Whoa. Read this story about an amazing woman. It’s not long, but read it until the end.

Hmm, a sneak peek at some HOKAs that actually have me interested.

The Badwater RD has some words for those questioning the safety of the event.

For parents: A TED talk on the importance of outdoor play for kids. h/t to Scott D.

UTMB lottery results. I can’t find a list, so I’m just doing a country search for United States.

Easy reading: A collection of great “wow” bios from some T&F athletes.

List-o-rama: Twenty three things the Angry Jogger has done this year to make him a better runner.

Do the new watches and devices give us too much information and hinder us?

VIbram Hong Kong 100 preview by the guys at Ultra168.  This is the first in the Ultra Trail World Tour thingamajig.

Anyone tried acupuncture to treat running injuries?

Gary Robbins has been training in the snow for HURT.  Be sure to watch live video of the race (courtesy of Ultrasportlive.tv) this weekend.

Study finds minimalist shoes cause injuries, global warming, poverty, and cancer.

Five common myths about strength training for distance runners.

Great news! Moderate caffeine intake does not lead to dehydration.

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