Daily News Wed Jan 16

PETULANCE1Are you playing our PetuLANCE drinking game?  Speaking of Lance, the Onion nails it.

Ten Ways to Completely Ruin Long Distance Running for Yourself, courtesy of the Angry Jogger.

Geoff Roes sees the benefits of downtime and is getting ready to run again.

You’re only cheating yourself.

An ultra in Lochness that starts in Inverfarigaig? Yes, please!

Speaking of Scotland, here’s an intro book on trailrunning.

Meet new URP Enduro Team Members Helen and Gretchen.

During our Davy Crockett interview, we couldn’t name a brewery in Utah. Here’s one. Pretty funny name for the beer, too.

This triathlete is taking a crack at the ultra Grand Slam this year.

Here’s a great bio about Timmy Olson. Hear our interview with him here.

America’s best beer bars. I haven’t been to any of them.

Ten of the world’s most remote national parks.

NUC whatsoever: I don’t watch football, but this is hilarious.

Here’s a review of a pack made specifically for Marathon de Sables.

Lance’s dilemma, from a crisis PR perspective.

This couch-dwelling tech writer was inspired by running gadgetry to become an ultrarunner.  Hey, whatever it takes, right?

Well, speaking of tech, Facebook’s big announcement yesterday will help us all connect easier, I guess.

Here’s a great HD video of some sweet trails in Oz.

“Hey, what’s that song you guys play at the end of so and so’s podcast.” Find out here.


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