Daily News, Wed, Jan 21

This guy’s on a weird fad diet where he eats flavorful foods that make him feel good.

Interview with the guys who make the cool Salomon videos.

Dakota recounts a run that turned into one big misadventure…that eventually turned out OK. His writing is superb.

Do you lift weights? These guys swear it can be fun (and useful on the trails)…but now where the heck am I going to keep a giant thing like that?

Do you have the URP app? Download this little sucker to your smartphone.

Scott Dunlap–along with a bunch of other trail runners–hit the Redding Marathon for BQs.  Of course, he takes great pics along the way to running a 2:50 for a 3rd place OA.

Comprehensive recap of the Dog Meat Vertical Beer Mile.

Busy at the end of April? Join the tallest elite male and the shortest elite female in Colorado Springs for trail running camp with Jason Koop.

A-ha moment.
My favorite A-ha moment.

Read it: Danielle has a huge “A-ha!” moment on the trails: Forget your past accomplishments or failures and move forward.

Really great post about dealing with pain and staying calm during a race or hard workout. 

I tweeted this yesterday, and it’s true: After a hard hour on the treadmill, I stepped off, drank some water, and instinctively peed on the ground. In my garage. Oops.

Eight tips for the urban trail runner. I’d add a special section for women running on unfamiliar trails in cities…be extra safe and trust your instincts.

Good read: Do you have a “jockstrap” that you use?

“It was like wearing steel boots and running on a bed of magnets.”  I’m quite familiar with that feeling. You?

Little write-up on the Burning Man 50k. We interviewed Cherie way back when…check it out.

Good stuff: A running manifesto.

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