Daily News, Wed, Jan 22

The Coury Brothers are looking for a few good (wo)men.  They’re putting on a 50mile track meet and already have commitments from Sage Canaday, Zach Bitter, Ford Smith (17yo phenom from TX who we just interviewed), and Amy Halseth to hold a kickin’ event in February. Sage is going for a record, but they need another dozen people to enter to make the race work.  Who should we start bugging to enter? Wardian? Oz Pearlman? Sabrina Little? Jon Olsen? Wish I could go, but I’ve got a 125 miler the following weekend.

Did you know there’s a Badwater Ultra Cup? Two races in CA deserts, one in NC.  Yikes! Heat, sand, team running, pavement, trails, serious distances.

charlieIt’s like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only with GU.  I’m just not sure I want to see how GU is made.

…and while we’re talking about candy, how about those beer flavored Jelly Bellys (sans alcohol)? They’re debating on our local news whether they’re “dangerous” for kids. Oy vey.

Rob Krar’s beard had a scary night. If you’re not following (it) on the twitter, you’re missing out on the drama. Hilarious.

I guess this could be considered an obstacle race, but “The Death Race” has also been described as “Survivor meets Jackass” and for some reason, that appeals to me. Anyone ever done it?

Whoa, Max King has got a serious race calendar this year and it includes Western States. 

If you’re going to read one thing this morning, read this. Outstanding piece by one of my favorite running writers.

How to run UTMB.

Good interview with HURT winner Gary Robbins…calls it the hardest he’s ever had to dig to pull out a win.

Good report from the Copper Canyons ultra.

This guy ran 77 miles in 12 hours on a treadmill.


…speaking of those crazy bare footers, Zola Budd won a marathon last weekend.

And on the other end, a guy named Wool makes leather shoes out of chicken feathers.

The hidden health benefits of running ultras.

The Iditasport Trail race covers 1,000 miles of biking, skiing, and running in the freezing damn cold. Here’s a great movie that makes me consider it a reasonable way to pass some time.

Lucho’s going fishing this weekend and he’s turned it into a cool way for you (or me!) to win some Rudy Project glasses.

Good interview with ATY winner Kelly Agnew, where he drops some advice on long and loopy races.

NUC: Some people are concerned with the terrorist threat in Sochi. I can’t get past the bathroom situation.

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