Daily News, Wed Jan 23

Even Frosty gets the blues. NSFW language.

More on how minimalist shoes are affecting running.

24 hours on a treadmill? Ugh.

Dakota Jones on ice climbing. Is all this “runner in the summer, climber in the winter” thing new, or is it something I just never noticed before?

Six fitness topics that are up for revision in 2013.

How to make snowshoes out of HOKA Mafates.

Did ya see our piece yesterday on Getting to Your First Ultra Finish Line?

Great new pics from Leor Pantilat.

NUC: People are Awesome video.

Some UK trail racers took refuge in little mountain huts during a storm.

Very interesting. I’m anxious to see the study on ultrarunners.

One long run or back-to-backs?

Are they trying to tell us something? Are the rumors true? Who’ll pick up DBo, Scott Jaime, Darcy Africa, Nick Clark?

Too much of a good thing? Is ultrarunning bad for your heart?

The health fundamentals of doping.

Looking back on 120 running shoes in 1979.

Sage Canaday’s Bandera 100k race report.

Pike’s Peak 50k Fat Ass race report.

Video: Fun looking trail race/festival at a ski resort in Quebec.

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