Daily News, Wed, Jan 30

Building confidence as a runner, by Mr. Roes.

I hope we can watch this show about sherpas in the US.

Interesting study on theĀ benefits of spitting. Oh, stop it.

Infographic: Ultras have grown more in the last four years than in the previous twenty seven.

What could make running 135 miles across frozen Northern Minnesota in January any better/worse? For the first time in Arrowhead’s history, it’s now snowing on the runners.

Hmmm, Kenyans getting tested for doping. Do you think it was as unannounced as they claim?

One giant fatass marathon through the streets of Glasgow.

The right and wrong ways to take risks with running.

Great read, but NUC: Consider, the heart. h/t to Don’s Diary for this great find.

I’m heading out snowshoeing again. Been once, and I’m really liking the Dion 121. Thanks again to Derrick Spafford for getting me going in the right direction, and telling me “Don’t try to back up! You’ll bail!” I’ll try to listen next time.



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