Daily News, Wed, Jan 7

Feel like really really geeking out on competitive ultra stats? Start here.

Do you have hang-ups about hanging out at trail races? If I’m not running, I still like to be there, watch everything unfold, see friends, etc…

Anyone recognize this feeling? Great description from Mario.

Three friends from SoCal drive up north to run through the redwoods. (I ran this race too…perfect weather!)

I’m no doc, but I know that keeping your muscles balanced will help decrease injuries.

This news from Hoka makes me a bit nervous. ¬†Rapid growth often leads to less attention to detail and degraded quality. And those boots…whoa!

It’s probably fair to say most things are better in the Bahamas. Wow, this guy is racing a lot!

Check out Ian’s schedule for 2015. I see one OCR on there. Anxious to hear how that goes.

Update to the best value ultras in the UK.  Anyone want to put together a list for the US?

A problem I don’t need to deal with: Yak Trax of metal screws? Hugo compares both.

Fun race report from Thunder Rock 100 where everything worked out pretty well.

I guess I figured this was common knowledge: Whole grains are good for you.

Very detailed report from a first-time ultrarunner. She did her research, chose a do-able race, and executed well. Nice!

The ultimate tech reviewer DC Rainmaker does a TV segment for CES right here.

What’s your choice for Olympic City for 2024?

Good stuff: Seeking truth, enduring pain. It’s all how you see it.

Help! We’ve covered diet, training, PT, etc. and I’m looking for a topical subject that will help you get to the finish line faster. What type of guest would help the most? Shoot me a message or comment below. Thanks!

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