Daily News, Wed, Jan 8

Joe Fejes, post-ATY interview with Jamil Coury.

Read this: This is why you’re injured.

Final entrant list for Tarawera: Wardian, Sage, and Krar are all in.

Paleo diet ranks last on “best diets” list.

What a first timer learned during his inaugural 50k.

I generally consider most “hikes” to be runnable. Not this one. This one makes me want to throw up.

Interesting: Are symmetrical knees the answer to increased track speed?

Throwback comedy: Get the gear!

More on the Japanese Ekiden. 200km relay over two days that garners a 30% share of television viewers. We have nothing that comes close.

…meanwhile it’s so smoggy in China, the running boom is choking.

I’m fighting a cold right now and should probably head over to Elevation Trail and listen to what the doctors say.

Watch this: Marathon speed training for ultras, hosted by Sage Canaday.

Twenty reasons trail running is more fun than road running.

Here’s why┬ásprinters and marathoners have different body types. Add a beard, and you’ve got an ultrarunner.

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