Daily News Wed, Jan 9

Timmy Olson joins The North Face.

In study, almost all new runners heel strike.

Not doing anything the first weekend of February? Stay tuned to find out how to snag a free entry to the Penny Lane trail race in Santa Barbara/Los Alamos. Trail photographer Luis Escobar is the RD and he really knows what he’s doing. Should be beautiful.

Lake Sonoma elite entrants listed below. Wooooow!  I don’t think anyone would quibble if this was called the de facto 50 mile world championship.

Fellas:  Miguel Heras, Ryan Sandes, Francois d’Haene, Philipp Reiter, Greg Vollet, Max King, Sage Canaday, Leor Pantilat, Erik Skaggs, Timmy Olson, Karl Meltzer, Gary Gellin, Ryan Ghelfi, Jacob Rydman, Hal Koerner, Joe Uhan, Rickey Gates, Yassine Diboun, Nick Clark, Oswaldo Lopez, Nathan Yanko, Ryan Burch, Dave James, Jorge Maravilla, Leigh Schmitt, Andy Jones-Wilkins, Chris Vargo, Victor Ballesteros, Christopher Wehan, and Lord Balls.

Ladies:  Anna Frost, Emelie Forsberg, Sylvia Serrafini, Devon (Crosby-Helms) Yanko, Jen Pfeifer, Joelle Vaught, Stephanie Howe, Tyler Stewart, Anita Ortiz, Megan Laib, Amy Sproston, Meghan Arbogast, Rory Bosio, Tina Lewis, Denise Bourassa, Bree Lambert, Mary Churchill, Betsy Nye.


The competitive edge: Which type of racer are you?

What does recent research say about treating injuries with NSAIDs? Interesting stuff. You’ll have to pry my ibu out of my cold dead hands though.

Dangit, there’s something in my eye.

There’s something warm and familiar while reading Scott Dunlap’s race reports. Great stories, great pics, and dang, that’s beautiful!

lance obamaHoney Stinger is introducing a caffeinated protein bar. Hello!

For you track fans, ESPN will be showing the Millrose Games. Tape delayed, but hey, at least they’re showing it.

Yet another reason to dislike Lance. And then there’s this. Barf.

Do the brain benefits of exercise last?

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