Daily News, Wed, July 10

Alright, enough of this modesty. We work our butts off and it’s time to beat our chests. Thoughts?

Anyone who knows me knows that this story freaks me out.

URP friend Kyle is in a contest and wants to share $500 of his loot if you help him win.  Read more here.

How pregnancy changes a runner’s body.

This guy used the Evernote app to help him get through the Arctic Ultra.

“Keep me wet, keep me lubed, and keep me excited.” Pam Smith’s WS100 race report. Oh yeaaaaah.

Traveling for an event? Find accurate weather info from one of these sources.

Five quick questions with Jeff Browning.  I like his reasons for going pacer-less.

How to not get lost in the woods: How much do you know about SPOT beacons and sat phones?

The Lydiard Pyramid stood for decades as the training method for competitive distance runners, but lately it’s been facing some competition.  And apparently the RW editor fell asleep on the job.

Thank You for making us feel normal: The Sri Chinmoy runners are still running. Day 24 and they’re averaging 70 miles/day around a stupid park in New York.

Nine foods you should never eat again.  AKA Nine foods I’ve eaten my whole life and I’m still alive.

…but apparently eating healthy doesn’t mean going hungry.

last-annual-vol-state-race-2012-update-9-L-Bmqd_WVol State starts tomorrow.  Track runners here as they make their way 500km across Tennessee.

Very interesting angle by New Balance. They find “group of runners” ads more impactful than the solitary runner image.

Why are Kenyan kids so fast?  Hint: It’s not because they’re fat. Key sentence: “the untrained Kenyan youth who attended a school not known for producing track champions may have the potential to run a 2:18 marathon (males) or a 2:39 (females). And those are the “average” scores”




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