Daily News, Wed, July 16

Here’s a great Hardrock video from Jamil Coury.

And an equally cool video from Comrades.

Didya hear my new episode with Anton Krupicka? We talk about Hardrock, his return from injury, coffee, beer, and what he expects from himself at Speedgoat this weekend.

Pig terrorize teen on running trail.

Speaking of Speedgoat, here’s Meghan’s preview of the (incredibly) stacked field.

This is why I love Steeplechase.

Five crazy things that happened at Hardrock.

They seem obvious, but here are a few workouts for ultramarathon runners.

Love it: A provocative piece from the guys at Ultra168.

His foot was soon “dangling,” Hein said. “I had to grab it so hopefully it wouldn’t rip off.”

Ack! Hiker survives six days in the Sierra with compound fracture protruding from his calf.

Complete Vol State 500k results.

Speaking of extreme distance, Lisa Smith-Batchen finished her double round trip Badwater crossing (complete with two ascents of Mt Whitney) yesterday.  Can’t wait to hear more.

And one more: She started in San Francisco on April 16, and finished yesterday in NYC. Wow!

Here we go again…”extreme” exercise and the heart.

From the Philippines: An ode to support crews. And what’s this about canine-infested roads?

Interesting: When running and religion collide. (Also, as far as I understand, a main reason that ultras in Utah start on Fridays…)

I’ve never done an adventure race, but this sounds like fun.

Can pickle juice really cure muscle cramps?

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