Daily News, Wed, July 17

Reality check: So you think you want to run Badwater…

Carlos Alberto Gomes De Sa won Badwater yesterday by a mere 15 minutes, fighting off a surging Aussie-living-in-Florida Grant Maughan. Results here.

…and in super cool news, URP friend Cath Todd won the female division! We interviewed Cath in our “mobile studio” (AKA Eric’s old rickety motorhome) before WS100 in 2011. Check it out.

A Kiwi gal just set the unofficial record for a transAmerica crossing, covering the 2800 miles in 68 days.  What was her motivation at the finish?  Come on. She’s a runner, she’s from New Zealand…

Good post by Roes about running rhetoric.

Beer news: Any readers in Charlotte, NC ever go to this place? What happened?

Check out some of the pics from Anton’s week of running. WOW!

Woman runs a marathon a day for a year to ward off Multiple Sclerosis and it seems to have worked.

Six lactic acid lies. In HS we weren’t allowed to drink Mt. Dew because it supposedly contained the deadly acid.

Something we don’t have to deal with, but still an interesting read: How to catch a bike thief.

My crush on Lolo Jones just got more intense.  Now she’s a bobsledder who’s beating up other chicks in bars. Whah?

Five ways to run on vacation.



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