Daily News, Wed, July 2

Here’s a great training video from the Hardrock course.  Beautiful and challenging…wow!

The contradiction of Rob Krar.

A DNF report from San Diego 100.  I like reading all reports, but learn the most from DNFs.

I didn’t realize Adidas weren’t available on Amazon and other e-tailers.  Now they will be.

Yay! The whatisultra guy/gal is back.

What is the ultimate reason to shave your body? (If I’m doing a lot of dry trail runs, I shave my legs to prevent tic bites.)

Sarah makes me want to find a time machine and go to Telluride in the ’70s.

…and this post really makes me want to head to New Zealand right now to run trails.

How fast could you run a 10k while carrying two growlers?

Stephanie Howe’s WS race report.

Meanwhile, the maniacs in NY are on day 17 of the Sri Chimnoy event, some having just crested 1k miles. Updates here.

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