Daily News, Wed, July 3

Alert: Are there any single women available (must be about 5’4″ and between 108-119lbs) who can travel to Finland this weekend to get carried upside down by some dude in a wife-carrying trail race? If so, apply here.

In other  Scandanavian news, we met Jacques Dehnbostel at WS100 and invited him into the URP tent. He’s Danish and was pacing the only Dane in the race and here are his pics from the event (and other cool races in Europe.)

…and here’s another great photo album from WS100.

3 1/2 miles up and down a 3,022′ mountain in Alaska.  Yep, it’s Mount Marathon, it’s tomorrow, and I wish I were there.

36 cheap American beers, ranked.

Interesting take on the future of the outdoor industry in the US.

While WS100 was going on domestically, Skyrunning’s Marathon du Mont Blanc was taking place in the Alps. Scott Dunlap reports.

TdF: Often the Tour gets compared to an ultramarathon in the “endurance and hill climbing” conversation, but there’s no way any MUT runner could geek out this much when talking about our sport.

Video: Anton’s first ultradistance race.  The guy seems to remember splits and times from every run he’s ever been on. Impressive.

Interesting: The truth about Plantar Fasciitis.

This is really cool, but it doesn’t seem very smart at all.

NUC: The Boy Scouts have had some bad press recently, but this is awesome news.

How to use money as running motivation.

Didn’t we learn last week that acupuncture was nonsense? Apparently, it works. Who knows.  And here we’re back to debunking alternative medicine.

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