Daily News, Wed, July 30

We may not agree on food choice, but we agree on this: Three reasons why I’ll teach my kids to run marathons.

An elite Japanese trail runner has gone missing (and assume deceased) while climbing the Matterhorn.

I was completely out of it and tried to make myself inconspicuous to my wife who had this crazy notion of sending me back out into the cold. Not knowing the correct phrase to make this day come to an end, I was somehow persuaded to carry on.

–from Tim Olson’s Hardrock race report. Read it!

Didya see Scotty’s review of the Adidas Adistar Boost?  I’m with him…I can’t believe more people aren’t wearing Boost shoes.

Billy’s first 100 miler will be Angeles Crest 100. Here are his thoughts leading up to the big day.

…while Tim (from across the pond) is mentally preparing for his North Downs Way 100.

Just to make sure everyone is ready: Friday is International Beer Day.

And on that note…Shame on three of my favorite breweries for their unfriendly growler policies. Russian River, Bear Republic, and Jack Russell Brew all refuse to fill growlers from other breweries, despite CA law being changed (at great expense and effort) allowing them to do so.  They say it has to do with cleanliness or labeling, when in reality I believe it’s a simple money grab to sell more empty growlers. No fault on them for trying to make a profit, but until they start respecting their patrons more, they won’t get my money.

Nickademus’ ultra zen moment #6: You are the author of this moment. I’m lovin these!  If you missed my interview with Nickademus, check it out here.

By far my biggest weakness in running is my downhill. Here, Mr. Roes teaches us how to do it effectively.

 I can’t tell if this guy is just whining, or if there are good points in there. Tough to read the roadie scene. What do you think?

And if you like what you read and hear, I’ve got the Donation Aid Station back up and running. Kick in a few bucks to help out the site and I’ll send you some URP swag. Thanks for the support!

…and on that note, for those who subscribe to the news, the “Thank You” message you got yesterday was an accident. It’s a page I created to thank those who’ve donated to the site and it was sent out with the digest by accident.

So running just a few miles a week at a slow pace has huge health benefits, but I’m still unclear if running a whole lotta miles is good for us.

Does this sound like your diet plan?

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