Daily News, Wed, July 31

Blair Witch Project for trail folks:  My harrowing night with a mountain lion.

A 5k, followed by beer and copious amous of bacon. Yes!

Top 15 trail running spots in Britain.

Why running harder won’t help you get faster. Huh?

The 100k championships in South Africa has been cancelled.

The trail racing vibe, through the eyes of a relative newbie. 

The best dog breeds for runners. I’ve got a Standard Poodle named Carlos who’s good for two miles MAX. He’s tall and lean and looks like he’d be great…meanwhile I see Dauschunds on the trail running for hours.

Nick Clark tries out trekking poles and comes to the same conclusion I did: They’re a little help sometimes, but generally they’re just bothersome.  Thoughts?

Seven myths about storing beers.

Samantha Gash ditched her job as an attorney to become a pro ultrarunner.  I like her style.

Good post from Roes: What do you think about when you run? I tell myself at the start of a run that I’m not going to think about certain things, then just let my mind wander.

At a small 5k in Colorado, the RD diverted 98% of the trash away from the landfill. Pretty cool.

The Sri Chinmoy folks are still out there running. Here’s a write up on them. Current results here.

Interesting: Improve movement (speed) by training movement, not specific muscles.  Something tells me he’s not a fan of CrossFit.

 A great example of why not to crew two people at once.

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