Daily News, Wed, July 9

Rad new Hardrock video featuring some incredible scenery and fun runners.

And a pretty great piece on the race from Leon Lutz for IRF.

I’m trying to get down to racing weight, and this would not help.

Could you run 400 laps at 6:53/min pace?  Check out my new podcast with Zach Bitter.

Interesting stats on trail shoes from the first half of 2014.


Vol State starts tomorrow morning, and if you haven’t heard this crazy interview with last years finisher Alan Abbs, I’d highly recommend it.

Funny: A non-runner’s guide to runners.

If you need some inspiration to get out there, this outta do it. Great video!

Anton recommended this article in yesterdays HR post, and it’s fantastic.

Steve Speiers’ WS100 reports.

And….they’re still running in Queens, most having passed the 1600 mile mark.

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