Daily News, Wed, June 11

Read this: Sarah writes about stress, running, and overcoming life on the trail.

Facts and myths about running skirts. Women seem to have strong opinions, while most guys shrug and say “sure.”

The New England trail race trifecta.

And from the other England…a report from a Race Director.  Cool mugs!

What’s your real training schedule like? Do you have time for life?

Distances run per game in various sports.

And how are ultra marathons and bricklaying similar? I do my best to describe what I’ve been busy with for the past six weeks.

Check out Nick’s training schedule for WS100. I love how he gets the mileage in in relatively small increments.  How do you like his plan for executing the race?

I can’t tell if I like the Spartan founder or think he’s a complete nut case.

Wow! The beer half marathon.

Interesting: The same 50 miler, three years in a row, with three different training plans.

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