Daily News, Wed, June 12

How to train for Hardrock when you live in California.  Great pics!

Video: Ever tried skipping instead of running?

250px-Rundmc_2How to incorporate RUN DMC into your hundred mile training.

Video from the Cayuga Trails 50k.

Adapting your training to the summer.

A day in the life of Tony K.  Will he race again?

In case you missed it on our FB page yesterday, this is the reason I’ll stick to running trails.

Surprise! Study finds that High Fructose Corn Syrup does not cause obesity.  Ahem…study funded by “ConAgra, Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, Weight Watchers and the Corn Refiners Association.”

Awesome run report from the mountains of Oregon and Idaho.

Ozzie gal swimming from Cuba to Florida tonight, sans shark cage.  I guess I’ll let her pass on the misuse of the word penultimate.

How accurate are fitness trackers?

What happens when the Military Times reviews a pair of HOKAs?


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