Daily News, Wed, June 18

Waitaminute….so this guy bet someone he could run 70 miles in 24 hours, and won $300k? But what are you doing living with a roommate if you can place a $300k bet?

Details on Kilian’s Denali record.

Gretchen posts a thorough race report from San Diego 100. I’ve got to run that next year.

But dang, Bighorn looks pretty amazing too. Wow! (oops, I guess those aren’t pics from Bighorn, but still pretty awesome!)

And hey, new Western States preview show with Dylan Bowman and Jesse Haynes.

One of the first things I do with a new pair of shoes is to replace the laces with “speed laces.” Apparently I’m shooting myself in the foot.

Funny stuff: The DOs and DON’Ts of running your first marathon.   Boob milk from a cyborg…love it.

Seven beers with ridiculously high ABVs.

Scott athletes’ favorite trails around the world.

If you haven’t geeked out enough on WS100, here’s a nifty pace calculator for each aid station. My advice….don’t use it. Run to have fun and run on feel.

Great stuff: The Western States Killing Machine, part two.

NUC: Here’s a rad POV shot of an MTB race (whoa, acronym time!) in the Scottish Highlands. How cool would it be to have time trial events like that for trail/xc running!

Swiss Army Car…make it an all wheel drive, and I’ll buy one.

The Wainwrights record is halfway complete.


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