Daily News, Wed, June 19

Are you a waver? Because I generally run in the morning, I also usually say “g’mornin” regardless of time of day.

Welcome to Alberto Salazar’s school of running.

Ian’s take on the Western States lineup.

The fifty best craft beers in America? Not a horrible list.

Thirteen things you didn’t know about running shoes.

Running inventions we’d like to see. Ha!

Good tips on uphill and downhill running. My problem with downhill technical running is fear, and that’s tough to get over.

Our friendly neighborhood breatharian is calling it quits.  I guess she’s not interested in a Darwin Award.

This guy retired at 70 then ran home.

Paleo’s latest converts.

For anyone not running or pacing WS100 next weekend, this weekend is the Marin Ultra Challenge and it looks like a sweeeeet course!  If ya can’t run it, you can watch it here.

Ten (bad) excuses used to avoid morning runs.

Stats and memories from one year of being a running bum.

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