Daily News, Wed, June 25

Science: Put a chunky guy on track on a hot day with a fuel belt full of four different beers and see what happens.

Ten of the world’s most scenic marathons.  I don’t know, I’ve only run a few marathons, but there’s something I like about running through tough urban areas that I normally wouldn’t get to see.

Then there’s Matt Hart’s list of eight super-long distance adventure trail runs.

A bunch of (mainly Euro) elites got together to race the sun around Mt Blanc. Here’s what happened.

Funny: Western States for beginners.

…and then there’s this much more serious and beautiful preview.

Jez Bragg on why he runs 100 miles for fun.

If you’re looking for a coach, Ellie is now coaching with Ian Sharman. Might want to start there.

Nicky Symonds on beer.

The 33 best beer bars in the country. Any in your hometown?

…and here’s the essence of running 100s.

Adventure runs on Colorado’s 14ers.

Some thoughts on body image and the media in women’s athletics.

Overcoming obstacles is such a huge issue in our sport, Turia Pitt has faced one of the largest, and she’s moving forward.

Man, I wish I lived near one of these rehab centers sometime.

From couch to a hundred miles in three years.

…and one more episode coming out today with Max King and Alex Varner. Have you been keeping up?

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