Daily News, Wed, June 26

Read this: Four great reasons to race.

If you’ve got some time and want to read/see a story of an epic attempt at tackling 55 of Colorado’s 14ers in just ten days, check this out. Well done!

Dakota Jones’ San Juan Solstice 50M race report. Good stuff, but doesn’t anyone have their own blogs anymore?

weatherBoy, you have to be a really dedicated runner to aqua jog when you’re not injured.

A popular myth about running injuries and pronation.

Speaking of injuries, here are the Angry Jogger’s musings about being an injury-stricken runner in denial.

Pop quiz! How much do you know about ultramarathons?


NUC: How to fit 32k calories into a bear canister.

And those crazy kids at Sri Chinmoy are still running. It’s day 11 and the leader is averaging about 70 miles a day around a damn park in Brooklyn.  Eleven days left!

Happy Birthday to URP’s own Scotty Sandow!  Big week! Birthday, new job, and WS100!

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