Daily News, Wed, June 4

It’s National Running Day. Congratulations? Mazel Tov? Yippee!

Scott gives a great rundown (with fantastic pics of course) of the USATF Trail Championships. Nice work!

Whoaaaa there! Breast milk as an energy drink?Hygeia_321-ExpressionCupSet

Corporate rivalries extend to road races too.

This looks like a neat section of the Oregon Trail. Anyone ever run it?

How to train for a multi-day race.

Good stuff: Context and specificity matters while training.

Here’s an analysis of the toll an Ironman takes on the human body. I’d assume a hard 50 miler is about the same, right?

Here’s a good video about Barkley.

List-o-Rama: The world’s most epic trails. Start planning now.

Sarah asks Hardrock veteran Betsy Nye seven question.

I’m still not entirely sure this story is real. If so, HOKA, ya lost out.

Marvelous Mimi and Samantha Gash are running over 2000km across Africa to support girls in Africa. Looks like it’ll be a beautiful run.

This week in science…Doping doesn’t make you faster.

And finally, the famously awesome “What to do when things go wrong” chart disappeared from URP in a nighttime break in (errr, site crash), but it’s back! You can find it (and Sunny’s great podcast episode from three years ago) here. (LINK FIXED)

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