Daily News, Wed, June 5

Hey, happy National Running Day, y’all. There’s no work today, right?

Check out these great pics from Bryce Canyon 100.

Here’s some solid “diet” advice for runners.

Comrades runner steals a Mickey Mouse doll from some kid and runs with it for 50 miles. Huh?

Five common myths about running…and three unpopular truths about ultrarunning.

Bear1How to stay clean while backpacking. I’m not a backpacker so I figured this didn’t apply to me until I read that deodorant attracts bears.  Ack!

As a runner, are you strong enough? Do you do any strength work?

This guy completed 450 miles (well, kind of a relay actually) to deliver a bunch of cash to two (un)lucky Boston bombing victims.

This new Salomon video is awesome. Full screen, baby.

Five best exercise headphones. No, no, and no. Only a few types fit in my weird ears, and these ain’t it.

Here’s a 100k all along the coast in Australia.

Have you thought about running Grand Canyon R2R2R? Here’s how to do it.




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