Daily News, Wed, Mar 11

More on Wardian’s amazing 50k treadmill record.  And more about Iron Mike right here.

Yitka digs in a bit deeper to the Copper Canyon Caballo Blanco race cancellation. 

…and read this too: Flint’s take on the situation. I totally get the message of love and harmony and trying to carry on Caballo Blanco’s tradition, but I’m not getting involved in a Mexican drug war because of it and would never go down there for an event.

Arrrghghh! Sidewalk rage!  It’d be interesting to see how runners fare in a study like this.

His love/hate relationship with running gear.

The LetsRun Academic Decathlon Team discusses Anton’s recent finish at Transgrancanaria.  Some posts are immature, some make a lot of sense. You decide.

Jean Pommier’s Way Too Cool race report. The guy is simply not aging like the rest of us. Check out his times over the past 13 years!

Krissy, Jeff, and Luke head to Patagonia to check out a new conservation area. I must go there.

Ryan Ghelfi is lining himself up to have quite a year: He’s hired Jason Koop to coach him and has moved to Flagstaff. From what I read, it sounds like having a “real coach” like Koop is a full time job, as those training blocks are pretty solid.

Max King and Ellie Greenwood named IAU Ultrarunners of the Year.

Trail Whippass interview with Anna Frost.

I’m sorry, but I have a hard time accepting performances from many Russian women as legitimate.

Interesting question: Do men and women get the same running injuries?

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