Daily News, Wed, Mar 12

Kelly Agnew on FKT attempt

Over the weekend, a new FKT (previously held by badass Peter Bawkin) was set at the 100M White Rim  Trail in Utah (report.)  Great pics! Here’s an article from the guys at trailandultrarunning.com on the run.

Essential ultra gear for less than 25 bucks. Can I add Breather Rite strips and cheap sunglasses to the list?

Do you train with raisins?

Runners’s World lists the top names in mountain running.

Chuckanut preview from iRunFar. Wow, I didn’t realize how many runners Nike had.  If you want a great description of the course and after party, check out our interview with RD Krissy Moehl from last year. It sounds awesome.

Do you sleep well before a big race? How exercise induced insomnia affects performance.

The winner for the “best trail running” travel award didn’t surprise me, but I didn’t realize the runner-up was that awesome. Road trip!

No Ultra Content, but a whole lot of inspiration: Changing a bike tire with no hands.

I’m recording an interview today, appropriately with a first timer, as this’ll be my first time doing it solo. Stay tuned!

And this week in science…Running is (rolls the dice) good for your heart!

Very interesting story of a student photographer vs The Color Run…who owns the images?


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