Daily News, Wed, Mar 18

Your morning inspiration to get the hell outside now.

Read this, then bookmark it: How to pace yourself while racing.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell grade when watching a video, but this shows the suffering pretty well. From the Flagstaff Vertical K. Oooouch.

Bixley the Kiwi is heading to Barkley. Here’s his story.

I reviewed this beer in 2012 and didn’t give it a stellar write up. Now, after almost three years of cellaring, it’s an entirely beer. And it’s fantastic.

Top reasons why we fail. Apply these to life, ultras, whatever.

Very similar to this list: Five things Blake Russel did to crush it at the LA Marathon.

Do you carry your smartphone on your runs for pictures? Here are a few options for free apps to edit those pics. Can’t believe he forgot this one though. By far the most fun.

Recording two new podcasts today, both with amazing female guests. Stay tuned.

What matters: Best outdoor beer growlers, ranked.

How much of your fatigue is mental? Yeah, it’s a scientific paper, but it’s got some great info:

During self-paced time trials (Pageaux, 2014), the psychobiological model correctly predicts that mentally fatigued subjects consciously reduce the power output/speed in order to compensate for the higher-than-normal perception of effort and, thus, avoid premature exhaustion (Marcora, 2010aPageaux, 2014).


Did you recently finish your first ultra or know someone who did? Was it an experience worthy of a sticker (that’ll also go to supporting URP)? Click here will ya?

Solid analysis of shoe industry trends. Minimalism is dead! Long live minimalism!

Paleo cookbook for babies raises concerns.

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