Daily News, Wed, Mar 19

Well, if ya didn’t get into Mt Washington via lottery, you still have these other uphill races in the NE to consider.

This week in science: Extra-cushioned shoes don’t reduce injury.

This book is next on my list. (affiliate link)   It’s by one of my favorite UK blogger/runners James Adams, and it chronicles his 3200 mile run across the US.  I can’t relate to that type of mileage, but he seems like a normal guy.

Some funny new whatisultra GIFs.

Here’s a great piece that really describes the culture of our sport.

Bah, what does she know anyway?

Here’s Kilian’s trail running calendar for the year.

Alright, it may not be an “ultra”, but this dude is running the London Marathon four times with a damn refrigerator on his back.

Dom explains how and why to train for the Western States/Angeles Crest double.

Six simple exercises to increase your superpower.

So what really goes on at a Team Inov-8 retreat?

Speaking of Scott Dunlap, he turned me onto this incredible graphic of nearly every beer in the world.

The “Aid Station Garbage Can” seems to have designed a bracket for female ultra runners for March Madness. Confused?

Hey, I’m jumping into the studio today to speak with ultra-goddess and coach Stephanie Howe. Can’t wait to hear about her year.

How to start a new running blog.

…or you could make it like The Oatmeal. Hilarious stuff.

Twenty six tips to running your best 26.2, and eight more tips on running your first 50k.

Ultrarunner (and non-murdering amputee) Amy Winters is now walking the catwalk. Rawr!

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