Daily News, Wed, Apr 2

I hope Pam isn’t expecting a Buff sponsorship after this. Ha!

And this week in science…running marathons is…wait for it….bad for you!

Candice is starting a new series about yoga for ultrarunners.

Bob Root, alive.
Bob Root, alive.

Wow! The runner who went missing on the snowy Western States Trail on Sunday morning was found alive Tues afternoon and is doing well.  I’d love to get him on the show to hear his story, so if anyone has contact info, please let me know. Thanks!

Speaking of guests, didya hear the latest interview with Nickademus Hollon. He gives me his unique perspective on Barkley (he’s finished it), bloody urine, DNFing, and hanging with the locals.

Stop blaming your shoes for your injuries.

Six tips for keeping your smartphone battery alive when you’re out on a run.  And once your Garmin 305 dies, here’s how to replace the battery at home.

Dax offers one key piece of advice that is sure to make everyone successful. (Irony…activate!)

Good stuff: Honesty in when to revise your training.

I was hoping that the date meant this was fake, but unfortunately it appears to be true. Prominent track coach busted for doping minors.

Another slow news day.  If I’m missing something, please shoot me an email. Thanks!

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